The Student Prince- 2005

Robson Green stars as the Geordie cop Barry Grimes, a pugnacious and worldly-wise policeman who is less than thrilled when he is assigned to protect the Cambridge bound future King, in The Student Prince. A tough urban childhood and a career in the police have left him streetwise, but with little time for royalty or privilege. The inexperienced Prince, based loosely on Prince Edward (the Queen's youngest son) and played by Rupert Penry-Jones, has problems too, however, and he asks Barry's help to woo Grace.

Tara Fitzgerald is Grace, a beautiful American exchange student that Barry and the Prince keep encountering on campus. Both men are smitten, but Barry represses his own urges to give the Prince lessons in the delicate art of seduction - no mean feat with the self-absorbed Grace.

Inept at both love and learning, the Prince relies increasingly on Barry for help with both ghost-writing love lines and academic assignments. In the process, the macho bodyguard, whose main passion is football, develops a taste for Metaphysical poetry and all the while his heart brims with a secret longing for Grace. Barry is caught between the realisation that he is falling for Grace and his growing affection for his royal charge.

Barry Grimes