Make or Break- 2008

Statistics show that every three minutes a British national packs their bags and starts a new life overseas. A staggering one out of ten Brits has emigrated and 1.3 million of those currently reside in their top immigration destination - Australia.

Make or Break follows one couple's move to Sydney, with their own special reasons for leaving the UK. Englishman Neil (Robson Green), upon discovering his wife Kate (Helen Thomson) has had an affair with a fellow teacher at her school, decides to distance himself from the source and relocates his family to Australia for a fresh start. They move in with Kate's sister Beth (Susie Porter) and her Australian partner Matt (Jack Finsterer) on Sydney's northern beaches but soon discover that problems don't necessarily improve with a change of location. Neil finds himself unable to shake the memories of Kate's deceit and she suggests a somewhat novel solution to wipe the slate clean - he should do the same. Neil should cheat on her - and he has her full permission, support and encouragement!

What many married men may think the ultimate reprieve, Neil - hapless, hopeless and completely out of practice - struggles with the search for the woman that will either make or break his marriage, and he finds he doesn't have to look as far as he thought.