Reckless/The Sequel- 1997/1998

Robson Green stars as Dr Owen Springer, a young surgeon on his way to Manchester to move in with his Dad. On the train journey home, Owen borrows a mobile 'phone from a fellow passenger- Anna Fairley, who he claims is the sexiest woman he has ever met. Unbeknown to Owen, she is the head of the management outfit administering his personality assessment for a new job and soon begins to nurse his love for her- as she spurns all his advances. He is already deeply in love by the time he learns that she is also the wife of his boss, Dr Richard Crane...


Picking up where the hit series left off, one year later, this two-hour sequel shows just what happens after Dr Owen Springer absconds with middle-aged executive Anna Fairley, the wife of Owen's boss, Dr Richard Crane.

After divorcing Richard, Anna and Owen are living quite happily together for a year when Owen asks Anna to marry him. Unfortunately, Richard gets to hear of their plans and, still very much in love with Anna, he is determined to save her from what he sees as a potentially disastrous marriage. With Richard scheming and plotting, the return of Owen's ex-girlfriend, and pressures from all sides regarding their age difference, will there be a happy ending for Owen and Anna?

Owen Springer