Rhinoceros- 1999

Robson Green stars as ex-star footballer Michael Flynn who is thrown together with his estranged wife Julie when their teenage son Danny, who has special needs, goes missing while making his first unaccompanied train journey to London from a special college in Wales.

As roguish Flynn and long-suffering Julie chase the missing boy around wild Welsh countryside, years of repressed hostility are exorcised in the heat of their self-imposed rescue mission. Vigorous sparring gradually blossoms into a rediscovery of mutual attraction. As the antagonism dissolves, the possibility of true love emerges.

Meanwhile, Danny discovers a strange and exciting new world outside the relative security of the college. Doggedly determined to reach his goal, Danny overcomes both human and natural obstacles to arrive at Paddington Station unaided. Flynn, jolted into belated maturity by the crisis of the last two days, learns to recognise the value and potential in himself, and at last, in his son.

Michael Flynn