Soldier Soldier- 2005

Soldier Soldier, the award winning drama, chronicles the lives, loves and fortunes of the 'A' company King's Fusiliers and their families.

The King's Fusiliers and infantry regiment are trained to follow orders without question - to act first and think later, and have just returned from a traumatic six-month tour of duty in Northern Ireland. Based in the midlands, the company gets involved in a dirty and controversial civilian strike, engages in war games with rival units, has to endure a Court Martial, throws its men into tough training over gruelling assault courses, celebrates promotions in its ranks and hears news of its next foreign posting.

They're tough, tenacious and disciplined soldiers - but their private lives are anything but orderly. There's no manual to help the men deal with wives who are often disillusioned, with girlfriends who may resent army intrusions or with children who often have to spend months on end without a Dad. Nevertheless, for the soldiers, army life offers numerous compensations - pride in the Regiment, longed-for reunions, security, comradeship and constant new challenges.

George Stevenson