Wire in the Blood- 2002-2008

Robson Green plays Dr Tony Hill, a clinical psychologist with empathy beyond the established boundaries of his science in Wire in the Blood - based on the best selling novels by Val McDermid. Intelligent and compassionate, Tony has always researched convicted killers, but is called to join ongoing cases by DCI Carol Jordan (Hermione Norris).

The Carol Jordan years ran from 2002-2005, spanning three series/seasons, and eleven episodes.

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However, when Carol leaves Bradfield for South Africa, her successor DI Alex Fielding (Simone Lahbib) doesn't want Tony anywhere near her work and a battle ensues as Alex tries to shake him off, but Tony doggedly pursues. To catch the perpetrators Tony must tap in to his own dark fantasies and Alex must discard her prejudices to help him.

The Alex Fielding years ran from 2006-2008, spanning three seasons, twelve episodes, and the standalone, "Prayer of the Bone".

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In 2007, Dr Tony Hill finds himself a fish out of water when he's invited to Texas, USA as an expert witness in a case of an American man accused of brutally slaughtering his wife and two young children. Alone in a strange country, surrounded by hostile lawyers and police, Tony finds himself at the centre of a maelstrom of competing legal and political interests.

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Tony Hill