Unconditional Love- 2003

Pete and Lydia Gray (Robson Green and Sarah Parish) are an unexceptional couple. Until their son is kidnapped. Max's captor doesn't want money - he wants Pete and Lydia to commit a robbery. However, after they have reluctantly gone through with it instead of returning Max, the kidnapper ups the stakes for their next task - to burn a house. Then his final demand comes.

Pete and Lydia begin a frantic race against time. Assuming they must know the kidnapper in some way, they have to turn the tables and attempt to find him before it's too late - the last task is murder.

A child in danger. A race against time. And the unanswerable question: how far would you go to protect the thing you love most in the world? Unconditional Love is a thrilling two-hour kidnap drama about love, morality and two ordinary people under extraordinary pressure.

Pete Gray