Clash of the Santas- 2008

Following the soar-away success of Christmas Lights, Northern Lights and City Lights, Robson Green and Mark Benton reunite in Clash of the Santas, a rip-roaring rollicking Christmas special.

Clash of the Santas is a heart-warming Christmas tale full of comedy, action that will rekindle everyone's belief in the power of Santa. The 120-minute film sees Colin (Robson Green) and Howie (Mark Benton) hot foot over to Lithuania to participate in a Santa convention.

Nicola Stephenson returns as Colin's understanding wife, Jackie, who is at home desperately willing Colin to make it back in time for Christmas Day with his children. Sian Reeves also revives her role as Pauline, Howie's estranged wife, who is planning a French Christmas and turkey fricassee with new beau Jean Luc, and Victoria.

Bah Humbug Howie has unexpectedly been asked to represent England in the annual Santa competition, much to the chagrin of Colin who thinks his dedication to Christmas and Santa appearances at the school fair make him by far the better candidate. Despite his protestations, Christmas cynic Howie remains the firm choice and fervent believer Colin has to settle for accompanying him as his cheerleading elf. Little does he know that all the other elves are girls and his elf skirt will leave nothing to the imagination.

The essence of the story, in true Christmas style, is about the power of believing in Santa Claus. Will Howie become a true believer? Will Colin fulfil his Christmas destiny? And will they make it back to their families in time for Christmas day?

Colin Armstrong