Ain't Misbehavin'- 1997

Following the success of "Soldier, Soldier", Jerome again teamed up with Robson Green for "Ain't Misbehavin'" - a musical comedy drama set in the 1940 Blitz of wartime London. The story follows the exploits of Eddie Wallis (Jerome) and Eric Trapp (Robson) - an unlikely pair. Wallis is a man of principle who dreams of glory and honour. He was discharged from the RAF on medical grounds after his heroic crash-landing in a Blenheim bomber, he was devastated at the rejection by the RAF. He takes a train to London on which he meets the gorgeous Dolly Nightingale, played by Julia Sawalha, and the story's romantic interest is all set up.

Trapp, however is a "Jack-the-lad" type, a dissolute charmer, whose chief interest is to look after number one. He runs a Private Detective Agency, and plays double-bass in the Ray Smiles Big Band. Eddie and Eric are thrown together through their musical talent. Eddie is forced to try and pay his way in life as an itinerant saxophonist on the Big Band circuit.

The plot thickens when the pair get caught up in a conflict between London gang boss. Instead of fighting in the real War, Eddie and Eric become engaged in a private battle. At the same time, lovelorn Eddie is desperately trying to win the heart of upmarket Mayfair beauty Dolly Nightingale (Julia Sawalha).

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Eric Trapp