Your character is called Will- can you tell us about his story?

Will is a man who loves his wife and adores his family. That is Will's dream, his ideal. Will lives in denial of the fact that anything could go wrong with that very positive unit. He is a man who cares about his job as a Head Teacher. He believes in vocation and believes his job is of worth. Will is a good person who is described in the script as very anal but a man who finds what is precious in life and that is his wife and children. Will's best friend, Adrian sleeps with his wife, Laura and that is where the story begins. It's the consequences of that reckless act that affect his character.

It's a fantastic script- what attracted you to this role?

I was attracted to the role because I liked the message the story is portraying. The message of how life affirming a close-knit family can be and how it can change your life. I really loved the fact it doesn't look for other models as the role models in this story are the parents. It's about very simple relationships with lots of layers - It's everything I like about drama. The fact that David Richards directed it was also a bonus as after working with him on Grafters and Reckless, I knew his view of the script would be similar to mine. We seem to share the same philosophy on what makes drama work which is great. David Richards also understands good comedy which is based on truth. He understands comical timing and why things are funny as it can sometimes come from incredible darkness. There is a huge impact on Will's young son, Oliver when his parents start to split and he pursues dysfunctional behaviour- what a fantastic drive to a story. Who says bad behaviour doesn't pay?

Are there any similarities between you and your character?

Apart from looking a lot like him, we both have an understanding or misunderstanding of a father's behaviour on his child. Both Will and I understand and know that children listen and watch everything you do. If you are happy and loving father, your child will be too. Parents behaviour, good or bad, has a profound effect on your child.

There is a bit of a buzz about the right way to bring up children and plenty of programmes on TV and articles in magazines about it \endash what do you think of them?

People are all different and you cannot apply my model of socialisation to anyone else's. I know the basics of right and wrong and know I can do a good job.

What have you enjoyed most whilst working with Joseph Friend who plays Will's son Oliver?

The thing I have most enjoyed working with Joseph Friend and Chloe O'Sullivan is their ability to focus and know where they are during the filming of the story. I believe Joseph. I believe he is part of the family unit and I believe every word he says. It's very rare you meet a child who listens and takes on board every word you say. The children are the main drive to the script. The covert operation that goes on between Joseph and Chloe's characters is simply fantastic- great casting.

It seems that there is an element of role reversal between the adults and the children- do you agree?

I'm a true believer in "give me the boy of 7 and I'll give you the man". I like the fact I behave like a child but sometimes I behave like a child in the wrong way. Nowadays, parents become oblivious of how they are acting in front of their children. In this story, it's the parents who are acting in a destructive and dysfunctional way.

During the story Will 'sexes himself up'. Have you ever changed your image to impress someone else?

I became an actor! I've never changed my image to impress anybody and I never will. My wife, Vanya didn't fall in love with the actor, she fell in love with me. You fall in love with someone not despite of their faults but because of them. I've always believed in that- that's the point! Unlike Will, I can't ride a motorbike and I've never been into materialistic, fast car nonsense.

Will is pulled over by the police for drink-driving. Have you ever had a brush with the law?

No, never!

You play a headmaster, are you anything like your old headmaster?

I had a few headmasters over the years. I remember being very scared of them and scared of the way they marched around with a fascist notion! There were a few teachers I liked because they encouraged what I did but I was always frightened of headmasters. Mr White was very strict because he had to be.

What were you like at school?

I was a good boy. However I would do things differently these days. I regret not reading enough and taking on board the importance of reading and literature. I live with failure and not regret. I'm currently reading 'Does Anything Eat Wasps?' which is great fun. My son's reading is incredible- I love reading to him. I've not read enough books and I'm now reading at a ridiculous pace!

What is the naughtiest thing you've ever done?

When my younger brother was born, everybody was cooing over him and I got extremely jealous. I was only three and I got into my little tractor and I ran him over! I wanted the limelight!