Joe Maddison's War- 2010

"It revolves around this central character, played by Kevin Whately, who, along with my character Harry Crawford, fought in the trench in the Somme in World War I. He thought that after the war there would be some reward at the end of it - a wife, a family, full-time employment, ticker-tape reception wherever he goes, people are going to love him. The reality's completely different. He comes back to poverty and unemployment. There then comes a time where they have to fight for their country again with the guys of the Home Guard. They're principled men, and they both have their reasons for joining and not joining.

Joe joins up - I reluctantly join up because Joe is part of that organization, but Harry realizes that the Somme was one war too many and there was so much carnage. So he's a very embittered character. The only thing that keeps him going is Joe and that friendship and that is sort of the central root to the story."

Harry Crawford