Caroline Goodall Interview- Jan. 2014

This is a real treat- back in November, I nonchalantly asked Caroline Goodall if she'd be interested in doing a short interview for the website. Imagine my surprise when she said "yes"! Once we got things sorted on Twitter, I came up with five questions. Here they are, with her answers. My thanks to Ms. Goodall for taking the time. Please follow her on Twitter (link below); she is a genuinely lovely lady!

Me: Besides his blue eyes, what's the first thing you remember about Robson Green?

Caroline Goodall: Besides Robson's blue eyes which reminded me of Frank Sinatra's "ole blue eyes", it was his great sense of humor of course and his being so down to earth. His work ethic is impeccable. Oh, and he can sing, just like Frank. He sang the theme tune.

Me: Everyone knows Robson is a massive Newcastle United fan. Because of my wife, I've found myself supporting Liverpool. Do you follow a footie, and if so, how are they doing this year?

CG: I am a die hard Chelsea fan. Born and raised in walking distance from Stamford Bridge and if I stood on the roof I could see the stadium and hear the roar of the crowd. It's the only club to have won all 3 EUEFA club competitions. Need I say more? (Let me just take a moment to say, "If you win the Champions League 5 times, you get to keep it." :p)

Me: You mentioned "Me and Mrs. Jones" is still one of your favourite jobs. What made it so memorable?

CG: Me and Mrs Jones was one of my favorite jobs because I got to hang out with Robson and play the Prime Minister! What more could a girl ask?

Me: You seem quite politically aware. Have you heard about the Rob Ford debacle in Toronto? Do you think a politician's personal life should be taken into account when it comes to their professional obligations? (Almost "Me and Mrs. Jones related!)

CG: The Rob Ford scandal broke when I was in California so I think I heard more about it than they did in the UK. You couldn't have made it up! Canadians have the best scandals. Think Margaret Trudeau!

Me: (I'm poaching this from a Canadian talk show host I enjoy) What's your best story ever?

CG: Best story ever? It's not the best story but it resonates with Me and Mrs Jones. We were doing the press junket on September 11 2001. I had been rattling on about what it was like to play a British PM and answering silly questions about what I would do if I was a world politician. I got into a cab about 3 pm. The streets were suddenly deserted. The taxi driver had the radio on and 9/11 had just happened. My moment of hubris was over as I contemplated the enormity of the tragedy and then went home to watch it unfold on TV over and over, just horrified. Mind you, I hope I wouldn't have been reading a book upside down if I was in George Bush's shoes. The event also placed our political romantic comedy in another light. Cool Britannia was over. Who could imagine a British Prime Minister in evening wear skipping stones on the River Thames with her sweetheart? The show did great overseas but the British temperature had changed and the show never got the audience it deserved. Robson was the producer as well and put in so much hard work. But we had some great scenes, a lot of laughs shooting and even got to dance!